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Health Insurance & Compensation

Step Forward Orthotics are a medical device with enormous benefits. Although they have been available in the USA for 40 years, they are relatively new in the UK. Most health insurance funds and government departments developed their rules long before they were aware of the Step Forward approach.

Whether or not you can claim a benefit from your health fund or other organisation is a matter between you and them. We suggest you apply for a refund. If they reject your claim then we suggest you write a letter to the Manager of Ancillary Benefits (or equivalent) of your fund or of the agency, asking them to change their policy. Unfortunately, many of these organisations seek their advice only from podiatrists, and close their eyes to alternative methodologies.

However, even if you cannot get any compensation or refund, be aware that Step Forward Orthotics work out to only about £20 per year over their typical life.

Health Insurance Funds

The following information is provided to the best of our knowledge, but is subject to confirmation by each fund and subject to change. Please note that benefits also depend upon your level of cover and any previous claims.

Bullet_Tick = Recommended. We recommend these funds, since they now pay reasonable benefits on our orthotics.

Bullet_Cross = Change Funds. We recommend you change to a more understanding and co-operative health insurer.
Please note that health insurance funds offer portability of benefits and you are free to take your health cover to a more obliging insurer. Check the specifics of this with each health fund before transferring, and be sure to get your ‘clearance certificate’ from the old fund.


Other Sources


We have a growing number of employers who have purchased Step Forward Orthotics for their employees, as they recognise this not only as a benefit to the employee but also to the productivity and morale of their work force. Reduction of lost days alone make this an attractive program. We recommend you approach your employer with such a request.

Social & Community Groups

We can make an interesting and educational presentation to your group, followed by a personal fitting and test walk on our orthotics. This can be structured as a fund-raiser that benefits not just the individuals but also the entire group. It is suitable for Social clubs (office, church, factory, etc), community groups (Rotary, Lions, Probus, etc), institutions (schools, kindergartens, retirement villages, military, etc), sports clubs (football, gymnasiums, tennis, cricket, athletics, etc) and private groups (neighbourhood walking clubs, etc). 

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