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The Step Forward Process

How Do I Get Fitted? How Do I Try Them?

1. Understand & agree with the logic of the Step Forward approach.

Listen to our explanation, study the web-site, ask questions. It is important that you understand how Step Forward Orthotics are different from other arch-supports and why they are so good.

2. Know the price & understand why this represents excellent value.

Step Forward Orthotics are £250 per pair. Custom-made orthotics are typically anywhere from £200 up to £800. Pre-formed orthotics cost around £20 and most are recommended to be replaced approximately every 3 to 6 months. Step Forward Orthotics have a typical life of 10 to 15 years (guaranteed for 10 years against breaking, cracking and splitting). This is less than the price of one cup of coffee each month!

Another way to realise the value of Step Forward Orthotics is to calculate how many visits you could make to a doctor or therapist before you have spent more than £250. Not many!

3. Have a free appraisal and fitting.

This process takes about 10 minutes and is completely free of charge and without any obligation. If you still aren’t convinced, you can take your footprint with you and do more research. This means that if you wish to buy your orthotics later, you can do so over the phone, as your correct size is written on the footprint that you take with you. We do not keep any information about you until such time as you decide to make a purchase.

During the fitting we will take an impression of your footprint, explain what that is likely to mean to your body, select a pair to suit the bone structure of your feet, put them in your shoes and send you on a small walk in them. By this time you will have a good understanding of what Step Forward is all about. Remember, all this is cost-free and obligation-free. You pay nothing unless you choose to keep the orthotics.

4. Purchase your pair of Step Forward Orthotics.

We accept cash, debit cards and credit cards (Visa & Mastercard). If you phone the office to have them sent to you, we will add a £10 fee for postage & handling. They will come to your letterbox by Express Post. The orthotics (a left and a right) will be accompanied with full instructions and a tax invoice/receipt.

5. Allow your feet to adjust to the orthotics.

If you had been walking barefoot all day every day on sand, grass, mud, dirt and gravel, then your foot muscles would be strong enough to carry your weight all day. However, since you have been walking on the bones, your muscles are under-developed and need to strengthen steadily over a few weeks. You only wear them about 15 minutes the first time, then slowly increase the wearing each day. The average person takes about 3 weeks until they can wear our orthotics all day. You will be given advice about this at the time of purchase.

6. After-sales care is always available if needed.

The vast majority of people have no trouble adjusting comfortably to Step Forward Orthotics. However, if you do experience any discomfort or unexpected changes do not hesitate to ring our National Office for advice. The most common problem is people who try to wear them all day too soon! However, there could be other issues that we can usually solve without any difficulty. Please do not persist with problems without contacting our office. We cannot help you if you don’t let us know about your problems.

7. Wear your Step Forward Orthotics in comfort for many years.

Step Forward Orthotics will fit into the vast majority of existing shoes, unless they are already too tight. Use Velcro dots or strips to attach them securely to backless sandals. They’ll become so comfortable you’ll want to wear them most of the time, including in slippers around the house, in your boots in the garden, in your sports shoes, in your office shoes and in your work boots. They normally last 5 to 25 years (15 years is a typical average) , by which time time they'll have worn thin or through. Abrasion will wear them out sooner. Although we cannot guarantee against wearing out or damage from abrasion, heat or being chewed by a dog, they are guaranteed for 10 years against breaking, cracking or splitting.


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