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History Of Step Forward

Dr George Alznner was one of the first to recognise that, for most people, custom-made orthotics were not working satisfactorily. During the 1950’s and 60’s he developed two new concepts to orthotics, both of which are key to why the Step Forward orthotics are so effective. These are discussed elsewhere on this site.

In 1974 a Seattle woman, Roxanne Kimber, was suffering terrible back and shoulder problems. She tried many avenues for relief, but her biggest success came when she started wearing Dr Alznner’s orthotics. They provided her with much sought relief.

She was concerned that such an effective remedy was available only to Dr Alznner’s own patients, so (with his support) she started the Step Forward Company. Distribution commenced through local doctors and clinics in the Seattle area. The company has grown throughout the years and now distributes in many countries. The company is owned and managed by Roxanne’s son, Shayne Kimber. The orthotics are still made in USA and the company is still located in Seattle.

Step Forward Orthotics must be fitted correctly to the arch size (bone structure) of the feet and can, therefore, only be purchased from authorised practitioners (eg chiropractors, therapists or doctors) or direct from company representatives at public events (eg home shows, field days or retirement expos). In some cities we offer a home-visit service.

Step Forward Orthotics have provided relief and correction for 95% of the people fitted. They are made of a flexible material that does not generate or retain heat, cause the foot to sweat, or retain any type of odour. Many other products have surfaced, but none with the integrity, durability and reliability of Step Forward Orthotics.

Step Forward is staffed by knowledgeable and caring people. Very few customers have any trouble adjusting to, and benefitting from, their Step Forward orthotics. For those few people who experience difficulties, we pride ourselves on the quality of our after sales care.

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